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    Android App Development

    Mobile applications are an important tool for generating sales by ensuring maximum consumer engagement. Shyam Future Tech offers you high-end Android app development solutions that add mileage to your business and accelerates profit generation.

    Experts working on our app development projects keep an eye on the latest technologies, market demands and app trends and use the derived knowledge for creating an app for your business. At the same time, we assess the different aspects of the latest Android version and its challenges. Based on our derived understanding, we design cost-efficient apps that meet your business objectives.

    Whether it is a startup that you own or a conglomerate, we have a fitting solution for your varying needs, and strictly adhere to a mutually decided deadline. Shyam Future Tech offers you superior Native and Hybrid Android app development solutions for varying industry verticals.

Types of an Android app?

Shyam Future Tech offers you two fundamental Android app development approaches – Native Android app development and Hybrid Android app development.

Native Android App Development:

A Native Android application is a typical software program which is developed for use on a specific device and operating system. It uses device-specific hardware and software and this allows them to work best. The native apps can also optimize their performance and optimally use the latest technology.

Hybrid Android App Development:

As the name suggests, a Hybrid Android app is developed by using a number of web technologies like HTML, Javascript and CSS. Interestingly, this common type of Android app is contained within a native app. As a result, a Hybrid Android app can have unhindered access to your contact list, camera, accelerometer and others.

Stages of Android development

Developing an Android application calls for detailed knowledge and expertise. Besides, the process is divided into seven different stages, each contributing to successful app development.

  • Research and pre-planning
  • Blueprinting
  • Technical feasibility assessment
  • Prototype building
  • App designing and development
  • App testing
  • App deployment to store.

Android App Rewards


The craze for mobile applications, particularly Android apps, has been climbing new heights. Why not? It offers you more than you expected and helps you make a flourishing business from only an idea. Here’s how it can best assist your venture.

Minimum investment:

Since Android is an open-source platform, so the developers can easily access the Software Development Kit (SDK) to develop and even update their created version, without any cost.

User-friendly interface:

When it comes to ranking mobile applications based on their user-friendliness then Android app would top the chart. It has an extremely easy-to-use user interface.

Easy and effective customization:

Android mobiles are the most versatile version of mobile phones. Android offers a wide range of options to customize your Android app and make it most suitable for your business. This makes it all more attractive and easy to adopt.

Plural sales route:

One of the most important mottoes of creating a customized Android app for your business is to facilitate sales. It offers you maximum flexibility and scope for business by allowing you to create distribution and sales channels.

Secured and quick communication:

In an IT-powered era, cyber threats are a staple issue. However, Android platforms are sufficiently secured from this menace. Android is a highly secured platform keeping data away from malware and other threats. Besides, communication across Android platforms take place at lightning speed and this attracts more and more users to it. Easy and quick communication is what can significantly leverage your business. So having an Android app sufficiently serves your purpose.