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Artificial Intelligence Brings In A Breakthrough In HR Functions

You have always wanted someone to read your mind? You are heard now, more than ever before. AI (or Artificial Intelligence) is inordinately used to know you in and out, and bring what you need or might need, even before you spell it out. There is an increasing number of corporate entities who are implementing AI in their business operations. Interestingly, AI has been impressively instrumental in making HR functions more effective in an organization.

Technology has been surprising us ever since it asserted its presence. The impact and influence of technology are experienced now, more than ever before; and different corporate organizations are generously implementing it for the best outcome. One such technological innovation which is transforming the way business operations are carried out is the Artificial Intelligence, or AI, as it is fondly called.

Interestingly, AI is explored and implemented in Human Resource Management as well. It has been quite some time that Nearbuy has introduced Amber to interact with its employees and the outcome has been phenomenal, says Ankur Warikoo, Founder and CEO of NearBuy. He has said, “…predicting human behaviour and predicting human emotions is the hardest thing to do.” Which made him explore the option of using AI for the purpose and he is overly satisfied with the outcome.

Why AI In HR Operations?

As simplified by Ankur Warikoo, “Technology has to play perhaps the most important role in HR than any other vertical, because you are dealing with people. And predicting people behaviour, and predicting human emotions is (are) the hardest thing to do.”

Amber interacts with the employees and effectively analyze the interactions to find out what the employees feel, what is trending in the organization, identify individuals are about to lapse or who is most likely to stay back. She finds out who is very happy and who is sad. Warikoo explains that it is concluded not on the basis of some judgment but “that’s (a) programmatically derived inference,” and went on to say, “that has to be the breakthrough in how HR is thought of.”

5 Most Talked About Ways In Which AI Can Complement HR Functions

Human Resource Department is understandably one of the most important sections of an organization and efficient functioning of the same is also a key factor in the hassle-free operation of a company. If you are wondering how Artificial Intelligence can benefit HR functions, then you must take a look at these pointers.

    • Increase recruitment efficiency

One of the most common complaints that applicants have is that their resumes get ignored. This is because often huge numbers of resumes pour in and it becomes humanly difficult to scan through every application and respond to the same. Thus, using AI to scan through job applications and filter out potential candidates is a significant contribution.

    • Minimize bias

It has been proven that the human brain cannot detach or keep aside personal biases while making any decision. This can majorly interfere with the recruitment process, appraisal and other HR processes. So adopting AI can be the much-needed solution because it doesn’t have any bias.

    • Take off the load of administrative tasks

Human Resource professionals have to engage in a number of administrative tasks and those consume a significant amount of time. Using AI can save HR professionals from those repetitive tasks and make time for more strategic HR functions.

    • Communication with candidates

Since HR is dealing with humans it is highly sensitive; it is important to communicate with the candidates from time to time to update them on the developments in the recruitment process. This takes a substantial amount of time. So using AI is the best possible alternative to save the time of the HR professionals and have someone to specifically communicate with the candidates.

    • Programmatically draw inference

Judging human behaviour is the toughest and one of the most unpredictable tasks. The results are more accurate when it is analyzed and this is where AI comes to contribute with perfection. The conclusions that Amber make are not judgments based on emotional observation but are “programmatically derived inference,” as stated by Warikoo. The conclusions are more accurate.

Artificial Intelligence brings in a “breakthrough in how HR is thought of.” Effective and efficient functioning of HR plays a crucial role in ensuring the stability of an organization followed by growth and development. And AI is increasingly becoming a perfect fit for the purposes.



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