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    Web Designing

    For any organization, website plays a very important role as it creates the first impression on the minds of the visitors. First impression is the last impression, so as a website design and development company, Shyam Future Tech aims to develop user experience which provides value to your customers. This web development company in Kolkata offers the best of services with regard to web graphic design, interface design, user experience and also search engine optimization. Website is the central point through which you deliver messages to your customers and the content marketing efforts of any company stands on how relevant information gets passed on to the prospective customers through it. The marketing materials would provide the necessary support and help drive traffic to your website. Through our custom website design services, we ensure that your websites are properly integrated with social media channels, blogs and mobile to allow your businesses to easily target and convert users to a well-designed website, thus giving a positive user experience.

Services Offered

shyam future llp

UI/UX and Web Design

Our web and graphic designers understand the fact that the three important aspects of a website are visualization, usability and functionality. If these things are in order, any website would be able to meet an organization’s digital marketing goals through the designs created by our experts. Development is the key to success and hence we have always strived to offer our clients with the best of services by designing their websites in such a manner, so that the visualization, effects along with the content, help visitors to know the company, their services and their target audience. Our website design company’s services are customized to meet your company’s needs and budget.

shyam future llp

HTML/CSS Development

The web designing projects of Shyam Future Tech stand on HTML and Cascading Style Sheets. The most important thing for any site is to ensure that it is well organized, implementing the latest HTML and CSS standards and we as a company, aim to abide by the latest standards. The services offered by our web design company are:

  • W3C compliant HTML/CSS, for ensuring a good user experience
  • Semantic Coding for Search Engine Optimization
  • JQuery
  • JSP
  • JavaScript Development
  • XML
  • XSL

Blog Design and RSS Integration

The two sources which we or any other web development company would use are RSS Feeds and Blogs. RSS Feeds are primarily used to attract content and articles from other sites for displaying as a source for the client’s website audience. This helps to add valuable content to your site and the feeds can be developed to send the articles on your web to other sites, hence leading to enhanced SEO optimization. Blog is a kind of website which allows you to display and manage content with regular updates by your organization, monitor comments posted by users and hence act on behalf of the company to send out appropriate responses.

shyam future llp

Social Media Integration

Social Media integration is one of the foremost things, which web designing companies like us intend to do for our clients to seek maximum leverage out of it. Use of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat can enhance any client’s marketing efforts to a great extent, with your website acting as the central point.

shyam future llp